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7 October 2021 HKU-HKBU Joint Seminar Series on European Politics
14 Apr. 2021 HKU-HKBU Joint Seminar on European Politics: The End of the Merkel Era: Implications for Europe
10 Jan. 2020 Lecture: From ‘Peaceful Revolution’ to German Reunification – How our Memory has changed in the last 30 Years
7 Nov. 2019 Panel Discussion: 1989-2019, The End of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe: A panel discussion on the significance and contemporary relevance of the 1989 revolutions in Europe
15 Apr. 2019 Seminar: The Brexit Iceberg
3 Apr. 2019 SMLC Seminar: The partition of the world: the Berlin conferences, 1878-1884 and the origins of global disorder
1 Apr. 2019 SMLC Seminar: Russia-West Relations: Is the Confrontation Reversible?
20 Mar. 2019 SMLC Seminar: The fight against money laundering, terrorist financing, and organised crime in Europe
15 Mar. 2019 Talk: Timothy Garton Ash: BREXIT! Britain's Place in the Wider Crisis of Europe
13-26 Feb. 2019 Spots of Light: Women in the Holocaust
31 Jan. 2019 European studies film screening: Cabeza de Vaca
19-21 Nov. 2018 European studies film screenings: 'Goodbye Lenin' & 'The Lives of Others'
24 Oct. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Trust in the EU in Challenging Times
4 May 2018 Talk: Brexit - what will it mean for the European Economies
4 Apr. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Local Causes and Global Consequences: the 1528 Hispanic-Genoese Alliance, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific
24 Jan. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Book Launch - Repentance for the Holocaust: Lessons from Jewish Thought for Confronting the German Past
18 Jan. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Chinese relations with Central and Eastern Europe: The New Diplomatic Frontier
15 Nov. 2017 SMLC Seminar: Brexit: where are we?
11-18 Sep. 2017 Exhibition & Talk: The Auschwitz Album and its Historical Significance
25 May 2017 Seminar: National Sovereignty in times of crisis: Borderless Europe and its Discontents, and 'One Country Two Systems in China'
23 Feb. 2017 Talk: Global Historical Research in the United States and Germany. Comparative Perspectives
8 Feb. 2017 SMLC Seminar: Desire, History, Work, Death: an approach to Alexandre Kojève’s reading of Hegel
17 Jan. 2017 Talk: Micha Gelber: A Dutch Survival Story of the Holocaust
25 Nov. 2016 Film Screening and Discussion with Director Slawomir Grunberg
23 Nov. 2016 SMLC Seminar: The Crisis of Leadership in the EU
3 Nov. 2016 SMLC Seminar: The Chosen Path of the Idea(lisms) of the 60s: Anti-domination, Limitless Freedom and the Politics and Ethics of the Impossible
5 Oct. 2016 SMLC Seminar: When Not In Rome: The Legend of the Citizen-Soldier in the Early Modern Atlantic World
19 Sep. 2016 Public film-sreening and talk: Sugihara Conspiracy of Kindness
27-29 May 2016 Conference: Connected Histories, Mirrored Empires: British and French Imperialism from the 17th through the twentieth centuries.
21 Apr. 2016 Workshop and Film-screening: China in foreign eyes
5 Apr. 2016 Talk: Europe, Germany and the Refugee Crisis
24 Nov. 2015 Talk: Coming to Terms with the Holocaust: Restitution, Responsibility, and Justice
20 Nov. 2015 Talk: Israel and Germany: From Enmity to Friendship
28 Oct. 2015 Seminar: Tea Politics and Propaganda in the American Revolution, 1773-1776
30 Sep.2015 Repertory Cinema 2015: Moral Anxiety - Polish Cinema Screening-cum-Discussion
23 Apr. 2015 EU+ Series Mini-Conference & Roundtable Discussion: Greece, Germany and the European Union – between Anxieties and Anger
31 Mar. 2015 European Union Academic Programme (EUAP) Master Scholarship
20 Mar. 2015 Seminar: Minding the Gaps between Politicians' Promises, Governments' Policies and Citizens' Perceptions
11 Feb. 2015 Seminar: Passions and Interests: The Euro Crisis as a Clash of Cultures
9 Feb. 2015 Film Screening: Cabeza de Vaca
29 Jan. 2015 Guest lecture by Rick Carrier
23-24 Oct. 2014 Conference: After the Leviathan? About the Creation of Global lines of politics and polity in and after the Age of Extremes
1-11 Apr. 2014 The World, Europe and Hong Kong in the Age of Extremes
12 Feb. 2014 Seminar: Behind the Suez Canal: Colonial Geopolitics and Anglo-French Rivalry, 1859-1869
2-13 Dec. 2013 Round-table Discussion & Exhibition: We want to be free!
28-29 Nov. 2013 EUAP Annual Conference 2013: Security Communities and Security Risk Management in Europe & East Asia.
9 Oct. 2013 Seminar: Tocqueville on religion in democracies: natural or supernatural?
6 Feb. 2013 Seminar: From Conceptual History to Iconology - From Carl Schmitt to Reinhart Koselleck
2 Nov. 2012 Seminar: The Holocaust as a Unique Event in History
10 Oct. 2012 Seminar: The Idea of European Literature
4 Oct. 2012 Seminar: Varieties of European Capitalism: the Legacy of the Euro
14 May 2012 Research Colloquium:Soft Engagement VS Hard Engagement: a Comparative Study on Chinese and European Cooperation Mechanism with Africa
30 Apr. 2012 Research Colloquium: Trust and Welfare
23 Apr. 2012 Research Colloquium: The role of human rights NGOs in foreign policy decision-making
28 Mar. 2012 Talk: 1989 - Global or Goofy History?
27-29 Mar. 2012 Conference: Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Collaboration and Conflict
26 Mar. 2012 Research Colloquium: Western and Chinese foreign and development cooperation policies in Africa
15 Feb. 2012 Talk: Dr. Freud's Little Jokes or How the Jews Became Funny?
9 Feb. 2012 Talk: The Future of the EU's Political Economy- the German Perspective
2 Feb. 2012 Talk: The Future of the EU's Political Economy
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