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27-29 March 2012

Conference: Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Collaboration and Conflict

Date: March 27 - 29, 2012
Location: Room 218, Convocation Room, Main Building, HKU Campus

Conference Overview :
Too much time has been spent recently focusing on the questions of the present and past conflicts among Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The purpose of the conference is to extend an on-going conversation about collaboration (rather than enmity) among these Abrahamic religions. The conflicts exist, they do have histories, they are clearly important in the post-9/11 world. Yet the parallel questions of collaboration, alliance building, dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims seems to have been relegated to the periphery.

Such a conversation held in Hong Kong has a slightly difference resonance from parallel discussions in Europe and the Americas and should lead to new insights. A wide range of speakers from a number of disciplines (historical, cultural, social science, religious studies) will facilitate a cross-disciplinary discussion on the question of these major religions and their past and present relationships.

All are welcome, no registration is required.


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