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Teaching & Courses

Find out more about the degree programmes and courses we offer. Our courses are composed of lectures, seminars, and tutorials and are tailored to the specific needs of the subject area at hand. Our teaching is interactive and is designed to enable students to develop a strong skills portfolio of analytical, research, language, and communication skills. Our teaching is often problem-based and includes team and group exercises, presentations, as well as analysis and discussion formats.

As part of the Common Core Curriculum introduced by the University of Hong Kong, the European Studies Programme will offer the course "Governance and Democracy in the Age of Globalization" from 2010 onwards.

Undergraduate Programme:
The European Studies Programme offers a wide range of undergraduate courses, leading to a BA degree. Students can major in European Studies or opt-in to take its courses as long as they are enrolled in other degree programmes at the University of Hong Kong.

Postgraduate Programme:
We offer research-track PhD and MPhil degree programmes. Due to the ever expanding number of students interested in European Studies, the relevance of Europe - and its economy in particular - to Hong Kong, the research-led degree programmes are a valuable addition to out overall teaching profile.


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