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About Us  

The European Studies Programme is part of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Hong Kong. it is an area studies programme and includes several European Language programmes. The European Studies Programme supports the strategic research emphasis of University of Hong Kong on East-West studies.

The European Studies Programme brings Europe closer to Asia. It teaches students about European politics and its economy. It makes them sensitive to the diverse European cultures, identities, and customs. Our undergraduate students are required to become proficient in a European language. All in all, our programme provides a comprehensive, in-depth, and interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary Europe.

The Programme:
- Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes (research-track MPhil and PhD)
- Core courses on European politics, the EU, European national identities, economic conditions, the European business environemnt, its cultural diversity, and its history
- Electives in Political Science, Economics and Business Administration, History, Geography, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts among others
- Field trip to Europe in the second year of studies
- Numerous partnerships, exchange programmes, summer schools and language training programmes, as well as internship possibilities in Europe (via the HKU WorldWide Exchange Programme).
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European Language Programmes:
- Language requirement for all students who major in European Studies.
- Students can also major in French, German, and Spanish.

Links to Europe:
- Students in the European Studies Programme are encouraged to take advantage of the many links that exist between the University of Hong Kong and various institutions across Europe. Study abroad and exchange opportunities are available through the Faculty of Arts and through a number of individual Departments within the Faculty. The School of Modern Languages and Cultures helps students enroll in intensive summer language courses in Europe, for which some scholarship assistance is available.
- The European Studies Programme is host to a Visiting Assistant Professorship sponsored by the German government under the auspices of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
- The European Studies Programme itself benefits from classroom visits, seminars, talks, and other forms of support from European consulates in Hong Kong, European cultural institutes, European chambers of commerce.
- The Main Library of the University of Hong Kong hosts an European Documentation Centre (EDC).
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