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Postgraduate Programme

PhD and MPhil degrees

The European Studies Programme offers students the opportunity to conduct postgraduate research on Europe. Students can read either for a PhD or a MPhil in European Studies. With an excellent student-faculty ratio, structured supervision arrangements, and outstanding facilities, research students are working in an ideal environment conducive to research.

Current areas of staff interest:

Stefan Auer European History (with a particular focus on the politics of memory); Enlargement of the European Union; Eurozone crisis; German post-1945 History and Politics; Nationalism in Central Europe; Political Theory and Political Philosophy (i.e. Hannah Arendt, Edmund Burke, J├╝rgen Habermas and Carl Schmitt); The self-limiting revolutions of 1989 in Central Europe; the Geopolitics of EU-Russia relations and Ukraine.
James Fichter European studies; American studies; Maritime and business history; Histories of the following: English and other East India Companies, British and French imperialism, early modern Atlantic, colonial America, United States, US in the world, US-China relations, whaling, coal and commodities.
Roland Vogt European politics, foreign policy, and political economy; International Relations (incl. IR theory); democratization and political culture; Sino-European relations; Latin American and African politics

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