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BA Courses

EUST1010 Foundations of European Studies 6 credits
EUST2010 European Identity 6 credits
EUST2011 The Modern European Lifestyle 6 credits
EUST2012 Problems of Contemporary European Politics and Society 6 credits
EUST2014 Classical roots of European civilization 6 credits
EUST2015 From cinema to society: Understanding Europe through film 6 credits
EUST2016 Creative industries in Europe in a global context 6 credits
EUST2017 World War I 6 credits
EUST2018 Early modern Atlantic worlds, c.1500-1800 6 credits
EUST2019 Atlantic revolutions, c.1760-1830 6 credits
EUST2020 European Studies 6 credits
EUST2021 The European revolutions 6 credits
EUST2022 European transitions - Germany and Central Europe after the Second World War 6 credits
EUST2030 The Modern Imagination in Europe 6 credits
EUST2031 Introduction to the syntax of Romance languages 6 credits
EUST3003 European Studies Dissertation 12 credits
EUST3004 European Studies Research Project 6 credits
EUST3005 European Studies internship 6 credits
EUST3010 European Political and Economic Institutions and Processes 6 credits
EUST3011 European Values in Conflict 6 credits 6 credits
EUST3012 The EU as a global actor and EU-China relations 6 credits
EUST3015 The dark side of European civilization: the Holocaust and its legacies 6 credits
EUST3016 Europe and Scandinavia: Economies, business cultures, and social models 6 credits
EUST3018 European empire: Comparative British and French imperialism 6 credits
EUST3020 The making of the West: From Descartes to Rorty 6 credits
RUSS1001 Russian I.1 6 credits
RUSS1002 Russian I.2 6 credits
RUSS2001 Russian II.1 6 credits
RUSS2002 Russian II.2 6 credits
RUSS2020 Russian culture and politics today 6 credits

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