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Postgraduate Programme

PhD and MPhil degrees

The list below outlines the research of our graduates in recent years.

Name Thesis Title (Graduate year) Supervisor/s
Chung Chi Kei, Martin (PhD) Repentance: The Jewish Solution to the German Problem (2013) R. Vogt
Poon Sze Chung, Milton (MPhil) Socialization of International Human Rights Norms in the Context of China’s Modernisation (2013) R. Vogt
A. Leutzsch
Chau Ling Fung, Karin (MPhil) The Transnational Nature of Chinese Migration to Europe (2012) W. Cristaudo
R. Vogt
Wong Kar Kei, Jenny (MPhil) The challenge of modernity and Italo Calvino’s literary responses: An examination of the relationship between humanity and the world, and literature as a reconciling force (2012) W. Cristaudo
Wong Nga Ting (MPhil) Constructing Climate Policy - The European Union and China (2012) W. Cristaudo
R. Vogt



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