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A Comparative Analysis of British and German Policy Towards China
International Relations / Diplomatic History

Dr. C. Roland Vogt

The United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany are China's most important European partners - especially in economic affairs. Yet the relationship which these two European countries have with China could hardly be more different. This is due to the history of their respective engagement in China, the nature of their economies, and their understanding of global political affairs among many other reasons.

This research project is designed to explore a number of issues regarding Anglo-German policy towards China. This includes the following items:

- the history of British and German policy towards China since 1949
- the effect of Hong Kong on the formulation of British interests vis-à-vis China
- the role and instrumentalisation of the European Community / European Union in British and German policy towards China
- the differences in Britain and Germany on how to react to the rise of Chinese economic, political, and strategic influence

The project elucidates the political, economic, and strategic considerations which shaped the China policies of two of Europe's most important nation-states. It draws on archival research conducted in Britain, Germany, and Hong Kong. It also includes an analysis of current developments in Anglo-German policy towards China. The quest is to illustrate the divergences in Europe about China and contextualise different responses and perceptions to the perceived challenge which China poses to Europe.


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